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Special Features

Account Access
Pay Your Bill

Manage your finances the way you want to with the Wells Fargo Financial Cards account. Just call Customer Service at 1-800-247-9215 for these services.

Balance Transfer Program

You can transfer other balances and consolidate your monthly bills into convenient monthly payments (See Note 1).

Cash Advances

When you need cash fast, you can use the available credit from your credit card account and deposit a cash advance into your personal checking account at your bank (See Note 2). The process is simple. Just call our Customer Service Department toll-free 1-800-247-9215 and have the following information available: Banking Institution Name, Routing Number, Checking Account Number.

Well Fargo Personal Check

1. Banking Institution Name
2. Routing Number
3. Checking Account Number

Convenience Checks

Convenience checks are available to access your credit card's available credit (See Note 3).

Automatic Payment Plan

Make your monthly payment automatically by transferring funds from your checking or savings account.

Additional and Replacement Cards

If you would like to add a qualified family member to your account, we can issue an additional credit card. If your card is ever lost or stolen, call our Customer Service Department immediately. We will arrange to send you a replacement credit card or make emergency cash available to you.

Personalized Identification Number (PIN)

Choose your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) and you'll get access to cash 24 hours a day at any ATM displaying the Visa® or Plus logos (See Note 4).


Note 1: About Balance Transfers: Balance transfers are processed as purchases. Balance transfer fees may apply subject to your Credit Card Account Agreement. Balance transfers may not exceed your available credit. You should continue to make all required payments until you confirm that the balance transfer was made. Balance transfers will be processed in the order received. If a balance transfer is more than your account's available credit line, we will automatically lower the balance transfer amount to your available credit and complete the transfer. We will not close your other accounts, even if you transfer the entire balance. If you want to close your other accounts, you should contact the issuers directly. The balance transfer can take up to two weeks to process once received by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Transfer of a balance, which includes disputed purchases or other charges may cause you to lose your dispute rights with regard to those purchases or other charges. Refer to your Credit Card Account Agreement for terms and conditions of your account.

Note 2: About Cash Advances: Cash Advances may not exceed your available credit. Cash Advance fees do apply. Please allow up to three business days for a cash advance to be transferred into your deposit account. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. cannot guarantee an exact date or time of deposit. Do not write checks without contacting your banking institution to verify that your deposit account has been credited. In the event of an error, you agree to allow us to make appropriate adjustments to correct errors and process your request as you originally requested. Cash Advances will appear on your credit card account statement and will be subject to the terms and conditions of your account agreement that was previously provided to you. Refer to your Credit Card Account Agreement for additional information.

Note 3: About Convenience Checks: Convenience checks will be posted to your account as cash advances. Cash advance fees will be assessed on convenience check transactions as described in your Credit Card Account Agreement. A check may be returned unpaid and you may be assessed a return check fee if prior to processing the check you have already exceeded your credit limit or if processing the convenience check would cause you to exceed your credit limit. Refer to your Credit Card Account Agreement for terms and conditions of your account. You agree to be bound by the terms of the Credit Card Account Agreement. You also agree that the Credit Card Account Agreement is subject to change.

Note 4: About ATMs: The ATM operator may impose limits on the amount of cash that can be obtained at their ATM. ATM fees may apply if the card is used at a non-Wells Fargo ATM.

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